Bakumatsu, End of Edo - Meiji
Seiji Kaisha

In 1879, Seiji Kaisha was founded by the original four members of Koransha ; Tezuka
Kamenosuke, Tsujii Katsuzo, Fukaumi Suminosuke & his brother, Takeji.  
This company with a modern factory produced a highly comparative porcelain ware to export
the Western market.
The company experienced the difficulty after Fukaumi's death, and also another member,
Tsuji's resignment.  The factory was closed after only 10 years, around 1897.
Iroe Kozara
1879 - 1897
Mark in red
Iroe Plate      1879 -1897
Marked with Seiji Kaisha Seishi
( made by Seiji Kaisha)