Most marks of the old Imari porcelains were usually hand painted inside of a foot ring.

The same marks were used in the different periods, except a few which only appeared in the
particular period or were used exclusively by a certain maker of that period.


Fuku (huku) mark with spiral stroke in the kanji character : a kanji (Chinese character)  fuku
means happiness

Sometsuke Plate  1720-1750

Kaku-fuku   角福

A kanji character, fuku in squares

Sometsuke Plate   1750 -1780

Sometsuke Plate  1720 -1740
Hasami  Kiln

Sometsuke Hakkau-zara   1780 -1810


(huku) mark with abbreviation of a kanji of yama on top : yama means mountain

Iroe Bowl  1750-1790
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Fuku Mark
Kanji character, fuku (huku).  It means happiness
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