Mame Choko         
A smallest size of a choku cup
Shapes & Sizes of Bowls or Cups
Somenishiki Mame Choko
approx. 2" diameter & 1&1/4" tall
1880 - 1900
Nozoki Choko
A kind of mame choko of cylinder  shape
Choku or Choko
A small cup
Soba-choku or sobachoko is a small cup which can be used to serve dipping soup
to eat with soba noodle. Soba is a type of noodle made of buckwheat flour.
Sometsuke Higaki-mon Sobachoku       
1740 - 1770   No.29
Sometsuke yoroku-mon soba-choku    
1770 - 1810    No.27