Kuromuta Shin-gama kiln site
I visited the site in May, 2014 and the pictures were taken during that trip.
Kuromuta Shin-gama, now only an empty lot was started around 1830 and it was closed in 1916. It locates at
stretched to approximately 36m uphill, made of firebricks also known as tonbai. It was built for about eight
separate rooms, one of which, the fourth room from the bottom, was measured about 7.6m wide and 4.3m deep
and the rooms became smaller to the top.

The shards found here are mostly blue & white and celadon wares, including the parts of the very large vessels
and the blank pre-colored pieces with only blue & white background decorations. Some of them were
decorated in chemical cobalt blue and also many transfer wares were found at this site.

There is a smaller model of the nobori-gama kiln next to the original site.
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Standing by the Shin-gama site
The bottom of the nobori-gama kiln
Smaller model of Nobori-gama kiln