Shidayaki-no-sato Museum
Shiota is located east from Arita sarayama. The village is faced to Nagasaki Kaido, the main traveling road of the
was ideal for the transportation of the goods.
There were two separate kiln groups located in Shiota in the Edo period. Higashi Yama ( the east kilns) was
belonged to the Nabeshima Clan and Nishi Yama ( the west kilns) to the Hasuike Clan.
The both areas produced porcelain goods, exclusively blue & white wares.  
The factory is now open to the public and it shows the process of the porcelain production as it was in the old days.
It was early in the morning and we
happened to walk up the hill to the
museum from the back way.
Factory workshops view
Walking between workshops
Old nobori-gama kiln site