1890 - 1920
Meiji - Taisho
Hizen Imari Porcelain
Sometsuke Maru-mon Kozara
Meiji Period, 1890 - 1920

This Imari sometsuke porcelain small plate measures approx. 3
1/2” (13cm) dia. & 3/4” (2cm) deep

It is hand painted in under glaze blue, a lobed rim with kuchibeni, iron glazed, decoration of a center design
of figures on boat in a circle, six maru-mon ( cirule motif ) with nami-mon (waves) and ishidatami-mon
(pavement). On the back side, it is decorated with konchu-mon (insect) and choji-mon (clove), marked with
Gorodayu Go-shonzui zo (made by Gorodayu Goshonzui - a fictitious marking).
The marking of the porcelain like this, it means an origin of the style of a certain period or a maker.