Hizen Imari Porcelain
Somenishiki Houou-mon Rokkakubachi
1880 - 1910

9 1/2" diameter x 3" deep

This hexagonal bowl is decorated with under glaze blue patterns of neji-mon ( pin wheel ) which divides six
sections of mado-e ( views out of windows ) and hand painted in enamel colors of greens and purple
outlined in red and black. Picture in three sections is a design of phoenix and karakusa ( ivy ).Other three
sections include plum, bamboo and pine ( sho-chiku-bai ) which is the traditional good luck motif.
This Imari bowl was made in the later part of 19th century because this color of blue was applied using
distinctive oxide cobalt blue which was introduced to Japan at that time from Europe.
Meiji - Taisho
1890 - 1926