Kutani Porcelain
Somenishiki Lidded Bowl
1890 – 1920

It measures 4 5/8” diameter and 3 ½” tall with lid
Imari some-nishiki lidded bowl, futa-tsuki chawan, hand painted in under glaze blue and over glaze red, green,
aubergene and gold, a style known as some-nishiki.
The interior of the cup & the lid are decorated with a shishi-mon(foo dog motif) , and the exterior  with sho-
chiku-bai (pine, bamboo & plum) motif in a cut-out medallion reserved on a red background with floral designs,
marked Fuki-Choshun, to  the lid and also the base of the bowl.
Meiji - Taisho
1890 - 1926